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In all its achievements, International Group Company (IGC) has exemplified well established family values derived from deep-rooted Arab tradition in the field of Manufacturing of GFRC/GRC (Glass Fiber Reinforce Concrete/ Glass Reinforce Concrete) in Kuwait. International Group Company (IGC) believe in team spirit, viewing our corporate body as a family in its own right; transparency; observing directness, honesty and precision in our business endeavors; independence; valuing self-reliance as the main element on which International Group Company’s (IGC) success was built in the manufacturing industry for GFRC/GRC (Glass Fiber Reinforce Concrete/ Glass Reinforce Concrete); cherishing our culture, and our country Kuwait. And being loyal to our customers whom we view as permanent partners for GFRC/ GRC (Glass Fiber Reinforce Concrete/ Glass Reinforce Concrete) and contributors to International Group Company’s (IGC) sustained success. For International Group Company (IGC) adherence to customers signifies safeguarding their rights and supporting the pursuit of their objectives and interests in GFRC/GRC (Glass reinforce Fiber Concrete / Glass Reinforce Concrete) in Kuwait.

Last but not least, International Group Company (IGC) also believe in and respect diversity, as we acknowledge and value others cultural, geographic and economic backgrounds, yet without forgoing International Group Company’s (IGC) own identity or forsaking our deep-rooted Arab and Kuwaiti values.

Over the last two decades, as International Group Company’s (IGC) overall business program witnessed steady expansion, it was continuously refined to accommodate changing times. Moreover, as International Group Company (IGC) kept moving ahead, we were keen to bring enhanced capacity to inspire more people in Kuwait to carry forward their career and to involve them in our efforts. Today, International Group Company (IGC) can say that International Group Company (IGC) are fortunate to work with a team of people who share our Objectives and devote their days to participating in our achievements as the Manufacturer and Supplier of GFRC/GRC (Glass Fiber Reinforce Concrete/ Glass Reinforce Concrete) in Kuwait. Yet, this desire to continuously keep earning our place as a leading business group in the field of Manufacturer and supplier of GFRC/GRC (Glass Fiber Reinforce Concrete/ Glass Reinforce Concrete) in Kuwait arises out of something more fundamental, this is to continue building up our country Kuwait and support our community. Daunting as that task may seem, it is one International Group Company (IGC) accept with an abiding gratitude to all of our
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